I love sharing my skills with groups of magical explorers such as yourself.
I have taught at and supported many different erotic workshops around the world with group sizes ranging between ten and thirty people.
My experience ranges from two-hour workshops at festivals to full-on four day retreats in the remote wildlands of Sweden.
The topics of the workshops have been around Conscious Kink, ritualised sex and how to be a successful Whore. I have assisted the amazing Seani Love in many beautiful workshops.


Conscious Kink for Women* // Aug 30-Sept 1 // Utrecht
When Consent Gets Kinky // with Marije Janssen // Oct. 19-20 // Utrecht

Chrysalis // Ritual weekend with Winter Jade Icely // Nov. 2-3 // Utrecht

Magdalena // Priestess Training with Winter Jade Icely // Nov. 8-14 // Rekken

Sex & Service // Nov. 22-24 // Utrecht
Polyamorie Deep Dive // with Roos Reijbroek // Jan. 4-5 // Utrecht – more info SOON

What Participants Say

“I had a very beautiful meeting with Rosie. When I couldn’t participate
in an exercise, she took my hands and helped me to channel the energy
and calm my mind.

She then gave me a great gift: she held my hands while Seani practiced
impact play on her channeling her energy into me and letting me feel
what she felt, She also showed and guided me in how to hold the room with her.

She is a warm and loving person with a high level of presence that absolutely
radiates an air of security and calm.”
– Einar, Sweden

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