Workshop Themes

I love sharing my skills with groups of magical explorers such as yourself.
I have taught at and supported many different erotic workshops around the world with group sizes ranging between ten and thirty people.
My experience ranges from two-hour workshops at festivals to full-on four day retreats in the remote wildlands of Sweden.
The topics of the workshops have been around Conscious Kink, ritualised sex and how to be a successful Whore. I have assisted the amazing Seani Love in many beautiful workshops.

Workshop Themes

Empowered Submission
Wouldn’t it be lovely if dominants could read our minds? Well, the truth is: they can. If only we submissives would speak our minds.
In this workshop you will explore your own desires and learn how to communicate them to your partner. What is it that you really want? How do you put that into words? How do we as submissives take our responsibility for a scene, and make those scenes much more satisfactory for everyone involved?
Come and learn about your desires, boundaries and how to speak them in order to become an empowered submissive.
This workshop is open to anyone willing to explore their submissive side, regardless of the role they usually take in a scene.

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‘Such a Slut’:
Reclaiming our Sexuality through Archetypes
We have been told so often that our sexuality is something to be ashamed of, that for many of us this has become a truth. We hide parts of our sexuality in fear of being seen as a slut, or a freak.
This is such a shame, because those parts of ourselves are often so very powerful and full of beauty.
In this workshop we will reconnect with those parts through a guided meditation based on Archetypal work. So come meet your Inner Slut, Freak, Whore, Witch, Goddess, God, Pervert, Parent, or Other, and be ready for that beauty in you to be empowered.

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Getting Conscious With Kink – The Women’s Edition
This very special event is a safely held space for all those beautiful souls who identify as women to explore the yummy possibilities of Conscious Kink.

During this workshop we will explore tools such as impact play, conscious touch, breathe work, holding space, and role play. While playing with these tools, we will slowly discover our own likes and dislikes, desires and boundaries, and ways to communicate about that.

While this is a gendered workshop, we would like to make it explicit that we warmly welcome trans, queer and cis women in this space. If you feel this workshop is for you, it most likely is.

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– With Seani Love – 

I am in the happy position to be working with the amazing Seani Love on many occasions. Seani has been exploring and teaching erotic ritual techniques with clients, couples and workshops for over twenty years. An expert in this unique field, he received the prestigious industry award ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ in London in November 2015. He is one of the founders and the current director of London’s The School of Erotic Mysteries.

Getting Conscious with Kink

Conscious Kink helps us expand our understanding of our bodies, our subconscious patterns, our sexualities and thus ourselves. It gives us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.

During this training you will learn about:
• The use of ritual and intention to create safe spaces
• Boundary setting, consent and safety techniques
• Deepening connection through conscious touch
• Giving and receiving pain and pleasure with intentional BDSM skills
• Eroticising the authentic dynamics of domination and submission (D/s)
* Exploring consensual non-consent
* Erotic archetypes and ritual
* Putting all these things together for the purpose of journeying, exploring erotic sensations and/or deepening understanding.

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Temple Whore

The Temple Whore is that beautiful spirit that holds us as we hold space for others.

This is a workshop and ritual combined into a single event. This work is deeply transformative and will facilitate a powerful journey inwards as we awaken that part of ourselves that wishes to (and is capable of) serving others in an erotic context whilst still always nurturing our own boundaries.

It is about exploring a powerful set of techniques that facilitate the practitioner being in service to the Mystery/Divine/Spirit and their client (or lover) at the same time.

The Temple Whore workshop is essential for those who wish to work in the fields of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality including Tantrikas, Dakas and Dakinis and others who wish to live with full integration of the sexual mysteries in their day to day lives.

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Conscious Kink and Shadow Tantra for Sexuality Professionals

This is a Sexuality Practitioner professional development workshop covering many aspects of the sexuality industry and is resolved around learning how to take your clients on journeys particular to each of their needs.

We talk about consent, boundaries, safety for the practitioner and their clients. We create methods for helping bring clients’ fantasy to life when they often won’t have the vocabulary to explain what they need. Some clients come for pleasure, some for reassurance and others for deep healing. And there are clients who have no idea why they have come at all.

How can we tailor our sessions to each particular client’s needs? We also cover all of the tools of Conscious Kink and help you craft your own style.

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What Participants Say

“I had a very beautiful meeting with Rosie. When I couldn’t participate
in an exercise, she took my hands and helped me to channel the energy
and calm my mind.

She then gave me a great gift: she held my hands while Seani practiced
impact play on her channeling her energy into me and letting me feel
what she felt, She also showed and guided me in how to hold the room with her.

She is a warm and loving person with a high level of presence that absolutely
radiates an air of security and calm.”
– Einar, Sweden

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