Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

October 6
October 7+8
October 11-15
October 21+22
October 23-29
November 17-19
November 20-30
December 6-10
January 2018
February 7-11
February 6-14
March 3-4
March 5-11

Warsaw: Getting Conscious with Kink – The Women’s Edition
Warsaw: Getting Conscious with Kink – All Genders
Prague: Temple Whore Training
Rome: Shadow Tantra
Sessions in London
Sex Camp Australia
Sessions in Melbourne and Sydney
Melbourne: Shadow Tantra Deep Dive
Sessions in London
Berlin: Shadow Tantra Practitioners Training 
Sessions in Berlin
London: Such an Slut Weekend
Sessions in London

What Participants Say

“Rosie Heart is a highly skilled space holder with the knack of saying exactly the right thing at the right time. I trust her implicitly.”
“The Conscious Kink Intensive workshop, hosted by Seani Love and Rosie Heart, has become a pivotal moment in my life, a fixed point beyond which lies new and open horizons based on trust, respect and a great deal of fun.”
– HN, Ireland
– Greig McArthur, Munich

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