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“I loved working with Rosie. She’s welcoming, warm and lovely to be around. You immediately feel comfortable when she’s there as she’s a natural in letting you know you’re seen and appreciated for who you are. Her approach of conscious sexuality and intimacy is flavored with a down to earth touch.” – Marije

“Meeting Rosie, the overwhelming impression was of a beautiful open heart and a beautiful open mind.” Jak, Ireland

“Professional and heartfelt, spiritual and intuitive, Rosie created an incredibly safe space that allowed our session go to deep places and allow real healing to take place. She really knows her stuff and works from a place of authenticity and genuine human connection.” SJ, Manchester

“I had a fantasy for so long. I dreamed of it so many nights. And then… one night… I had the incredible chance to live this fantasy for real with the unique and gorgeous Rosie Heart.
It was so much better than I could have imagined. Her sparkling eyes, her shivers, and her beautiful smile will stay in my heart and soul forever. I felt totally safe and surrounded by her love and compassion.
It was a magical night and I can only bow down before the beauty of Rosie Heart.” Sona, Switzerland


“Rosie Heart is a highly skilled space holder with the knack of saying exactly the right thing at the right time. I trust her implicitly.” HN, Ireland

“Seani and Rosie are phenomenal teachers. Their connection and love radiate to create a safe space for exploration and discovery. This class not only had me look inwards and develop personally but strengthened the connection with my partner. Finally speaking the same language, we are now able to communicate our desires and make fantasies happen. Thank you, Seani and Rosie, for illuminating the path to bliss!” Celina, Munich

“I highly recommend the Conscious Kink workshop led by Seani Love and Rosie Heart. If you have an interest in BDSM and kink but are unsure of how to explore this more safely, this weekend workshop will give you all of the tools that you need, along with two of the very best teachers I have come across. This is a chance to look deeply into yourself, to safely explore your shadow desires, and to build and reinforce your communication skills, to ensure that good, juicy fun is had by all. I will be attending again!” Sarah Martin, Director World Association of Sex Coaches

“The Conscious Kink Intensive workshop, hosted by Seani Love and Rosie Heart, has become a pivotal moment in my life, a fixed point beyond which lies new and open horizons based on trust, respect and a great deal of fun.” Greig McArthur, Munich

“I had a very beautiful meeting with Rosie. When I couldn’t participate in an exercise, she took my hands and helped me to channel the energy and calm my mind.
She then gave me a great gift: she held my hands while Seani practiced impact play on her channeling her energy into me and letting me feel what she felt. She also showed and guided me in how to hold the room with her.
She is a warm and loving person with a high level of presence that absolutely radiates an air of security and calm.” Einar, Sweden

“Conscious Kink Intensive was a truly life-changing experience. Wonderful Seani and Rosie, in absolute amazing manner, managed to create a safe and comfortable space for exploring, sharing and discussing your innermost thoughts, needs and fantasies concerning kink and BDSM.” Kinky Winky, Warsaw

“Conscious Kink Intensive is demanding yet powerful experience for anyone who want to invite BDSM to their sex life or expand their limits or heal wounds that happened during doing BDSM before. You will learn a lot about yourself and your real boundaries and you will know how to do BDSM safely. Be sure that some nudity and sexual activities will happen during the workshop (it is NOT theoretical workshop!) but be also very sure that you can say “no” to everything. Seani and Rosie are wonderful and very professional people who will take great care of you.Noemi, Warsaw

“Powerful, safe, well held, enjoyable, edgy, healing, hard work, intense, beautiful.” Anonymous participant of The Way of the Kinky Shaman in Devon, July 2016

“Seani and Rosie made a place where everybody could feel free to express their desires and play with them. A little utopia that fit in a weekend.” Inflict, Utrecht

“I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Magic of Conscious Kink Workshop I attended with Seani, Rosie and Arven. Not only did I learn a lot about kink and making meaningful connections with people, I also learned a lot about myself, my emotions and the motivations for my actions in all areas of my life.
I’d recommend this to anyone interested in consciously getting the most out of their life, engaging in any sort of relationship with others and exploring their hidden depths, whether they are new to this sort of exploration or whether this is another step on an already established journey.” Anonymous participant of The Magic of Conscious Kink in Melbourne, March 2016

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