Tantric Awakening

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Your body is lush, and full of pleasure…  You have a well of ecstacy right under you finger tips, a treasure trove of juicy yumminess…. I can help you access that wealth, giving you not only an amazing experience, but a set of skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life

Using techniques from the realms of Tantra, Breath work, and (if desired) BDSM, a Tantric Awakening Ritual reconnects you with the lushness of your own body. I will help you develop presence during sex, which will make your sex life infinitely better. 

You will discover new ways of giving and receiving erotic pleasure, and enhance your skills in communicating about them. We will bring consciousness to your touch, allowing you to really feel the sensations in all their juicy glory. And you will learn not to rush to a goal, but to enjoy what you are doing. And what is being done to you…

When you are ready to discover how much pleasure your body is capable of, get in touch ❤

Tantric Awakening

What can you expect during a session?

Tantric Awakening

This session is a quest to a place in which you can experience the mesmerising beauty of your body. What you need to get there is what will guide us in desiging your session.

Sessions last at least two hours, giving us ample time to get comfortable. The more at ease we are, the deeper we can journey.

The first time we meet, we will spend some time discussing your expectations and desires. Once we’ve established a level of trust, the explorations can start.

For you these explorations might be about finally being truly seen, heard, and touched. They might be about trying things you have never tried before. Or they might might be about finally allowing emotions to come out.

I am open to most things erotic, including (mutual) sensual touch, kissing, cuddling, and tantra massage. I have a wide experience with and extensive training  in both the tantric and the kinky arts.

Wherever our journey takes us, I will be there to hold you through it. To witness you, touch you, to make you feel safe and loved. If this speaks to you, don’t hestitate to get in touch.

Tour Dates

April 23 // Talk: Self Discovery through Conscious Kink – Scarlet Ladies London
April 23-26 // Sessions in London
May 10-12 // Workshop: Conscious Kink Explorations – Utrecht
May 16-19 // Sessions in London
June 22 – July 6 // Nibana Festival (France)
August 3-8 // Quintasensual Festival (UK)
August 21-25 // Sexolution Festival (Austria)
August 30 – September 1 // Workshop: Conscious Kink for Women* – Utrecht
November 22-24 (2019) // Workshop: Sex and Service – Utrecht

What Clients Say

“Professional and heartfelt, spiritual and intuitive, Rosie created an incredibly safe space that allowed our session go to deep places and allow real healing to take place. She really knows her stuff and works from a place of authenticity and genuine human connection.”
Tantric Awakening
– SJ, Manchester



Session TypeUKEuropeAustralia 
Two hour exploration
 Four hour Journey£1050€1100$1750
 Journey through the Night (12 hours)£2100€2200$3500
 Every additional hour£250€250$450
Hands-off sharing of expertise (hourly)£80€95$125

Special rates are available for those who feel they would benefit from my work but are not in the financial position to pay my full fees. Please get in touch to discuss options.

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