Tantric Awakening

Turn yourself on


Your body is lush, and full of pleasure…  You have a well of ecstacy right under you finger tips, a treasure trove of juicy yumminess…. I can help you access that wealth, giving you not only an amazing experience, but a set of skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life

Using techniques from the realms of Tantra, Breath work, and (if desired) BDSM, a Tantric Awakening Ritual reconnects you with the lushness of your own body. It helps you to develop presence during sex, which will make your sex life infinitely better. 

You will discover new ways of giving and receiving erotic pleasure, and enhance your skills in communicating about them. We will bring consciousness to your touch, allowing you to really feel the sensations in all their juicy glory. And you will learn not to rush to goal, but to enjoy what you are doing. And what is being done to you…

When you are ready to discover how much pleasure your body is capable of, get in touch ❤

Tour Dates

I travel a lot, and love to work with clients in different locations.
These are my dates for the coming months:

July 2
June 9 – July 6
July 8-13
July 14-16
July 15-18
July 22-23
August 27
August 25-30
November 17-19

What Clients Say

“I had a fantasy for so long. I dreamed of it so many nights.
And then… one night… I had the incredible chance to live this
fantasy for real with the unique and gorgeous Rosie Heart.

It was so much better than I could have imagined. Her sparkling eyes,
her shivers, and her beautiful smile will stay in my heart and soul forever.
I felt totally safe and surrounded by her love and compassion.

It was a magical night and I can only bow down before the beauty of Rosie Heart”
– Sona, Switzerland



Session TypeUKEuropeAustralia 
Two hour exploration
 Four hour Journey£1050€1100$1750
 Journey through the Night (12 hours)£2100€2200$3500
 Every additional hour£250€250$450
Hands-off sharing of expertise (hourly)£80€95$125

Special rates are available for those who feel they would benefit from my work but are not in the financial position to pay my full fees. Please get in touch to discuss options.

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