1. Nikita
    7th March 2017 @ 13:57

    Wouaw , thank you to share that with us.

    Don’t hesitate to share whatever it is good or an non good day. I feel like it s more real to have all the true experience whom being shared. I mean in all aspect of life it is good to hear, everyone and everythings is not going well all the time. It also supportive to hear that. You feel less alone. I feel less alone hearing that.

    Even tought I am not a sex worker, this world just facinate me. I just found it amaizingly interresting and I feel like it opens Something within me.

    I am so happy I just discovered your blog today. I am reading all articles trough.

    It touches aspect of my life I just wanted to forget about.
    I asked myself if I could be a sex worker severals times in my life (and I am pretty Young ! 24 years yeay 😀 ).

    Now that I am working on redesign my love life and try to invite more sex into my life. I found it magic that I discovered your blog !

    So thanks a lot

    I am looking forwards of your new articles.

    Many blessings and bunch of love <3


    • Rosie
      7th March 2017 @ 14:01

      Dear Nikita,
      Thank you for your beautiful comment! Don’t hestitate to get in touch if you feel you need some advice : )


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  4. Nique
    1st October 2018 @ 19:58

    I SO hear you in this!
    What holds my back is the wassap group of other proDommes ,
    where we can relate, cry and laugh about the things that happen.
    And mostly, it’s more or less all the same things you mention.

    I came to your website looking for peers within profesional conscious kink,
    for I am transitioning from a decade of mindless Femdomming into Conscious Kinking.
    It’s this a touch change in a country that just came out of the leather closet.

    Yet, we have the privilege of not being regulated (yet) by law…
    that “sign on your house” in the Netherlands, just shocked me in the deepest core of my trust in Dutch Politics!


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