Ecstatic Sensuality

High Class Escort

I’d like to invite you to step into a world of pleasure, beauty, and elegance. A world of delightful conversation, warm companionship, and wonderful, intimate passion.
I love holding and being held, touching and being touched. I want to awaken your body and your mind. I want to immerse you in new sensations and take you on breathtaking journeys into the erotic.
Over the past few years I have discovered that what I find enjoyable is far more diverse than I ever could have imagined. I am open and longing to explore many more beautiful ways of giving and receiving pleasure.
I have been extensively trained in the tantric arts by the School of Erotic Mysteries in London. I love creating a space in which you can explore the depths of your sexuality.
Let me hold you as we explore together.
Please get in touch if you want to be taken on an absolutely mind-blowing journey into my world. I can’t wait to meet you.
Ecstatic Sensuality

What can you expect during a session?

Every single session is different, and yours will be tailor made 
based on your needs and desires. This particular kind of session 
focuses on finding those ecstatic and sensual places of ultimate

Sessions last at least two hours, giving us ample time to get 
comfortable. The more at ease we are, the deeper we can journey.

The first time we meet, we will spend some time discussing your 
expectations and desires. Once we’ve established a level of trust, the real 
fun can start.

Do you want to share the pleasures of a beautiful meal? Have fun 
dancing? Enjoy good conversation? Discover what brings us pleasure in
the privacy of your room? If you want to pamper yourself in any or all of 
these ways, this is the sessions for you.

Being trained in both the tantric and the kinky arts, I will tantalise your 
every sense. I will make you forget about the world outside, bringing you 
to new ecstatic highs. 

If you ready for an experience of ultimate pleasure and relaxation, get in touch.

Since laws relevant to my work are different from country to country, my exact
offerings differ as well. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

Tour Dates

I travel a lot, and love to work with clients in different locations.
These are my dates for the coming months:

July 2
June 9 – July 6
July 8-13
July 14-16
July 15-18
July 22-23
August 27
August 25-30
November 17-19



Session TypeUKEuropeAustralia 
Two hour exploration
 Four hour Journey£1050€1100$1750
 Journey through the Night (12 hours)£2100€2200$3500
 Every additional hour£250€250$450
Hands-off sharing of expertise (hourly)£80€95$125

Special rates are available for those who feel they would benefit from my work but are not in the financial position to pay my full fees. Please get in touch to discuss options.

Ready to begin your journey?