1. Natalia Brown
    4th October 2016 @ 19:13

    Great article Rosie – clear and concise and to the point. I learned more about personal boundaries and self-respect in one weekend with Seani Love than I had managed in 45 years on the Planet. I highly recommend this work for the purpose of self-awareness, sexual deepening and just simply for the fun of it. Keep up the good work/play! <3


    • Rosie
      4th October 2016 @ 19:17

      Thank you Natalia! Hopefully see you at one of the workshops one day <3


  2. Lies
    5th October 2016 @ 09:03

    Love the article 😊 so sad tho that a lot of men still ask for unprotected sex…. Or think they own you… I get these questions way to often….


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