1. Thomas
    25th August 2016 @ 16:08

    > it is about making your own conscious choice about who you share what kind of pleasure with
    > Honouring ourselves, our desires, and our boundaries, in spite of what society tells us should or should not be pleasurable

    This is what any healthy person should be able to. So, why do you use the term slut at all, if you mean normal women?


    • Rosie
      25th August 2016 @ 16:15

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for your question! I agree with you that this applies to everyone (both male and female). My point in using the word ‘slut’ is that people (especially women) who do take control of their sexuality are often shamed for that; they are called sluts. Reclaiming that word can be a powerful way to empower exactly those practices that we are often shamed for.
      Xxx Rosie


  2. Ella-Mae
    3rd October 2016 @ 11:33

    Wow this is amazing…im a sex worker too and I do it from the point of view of an awareness of the Sacred Whore…its awesome to see this in the light of day 🙂


    • Rosie
      3rd October 2016 @ 13:28

      Hey Elle-Mae, thank you for your comment! Glad my post is of use to you 🙂 Would love to discuss Sacred Whore work, I work with Babalon a lot myself. Message me if you want to have a chat <3


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