About Me

Many of us spend most our time in our heads. It is my passion to bring you back into your body, making you feel all the deliciousness your body is capable of.

I have extensive knowledge and training in both the tantric and the kinky arts, and love nothing more than combining the two.

Using tools from both worlds, I take you on a journey into those beautifully scary bits of yourself that you normally leave alone. 

Creating a safe space in which to explore those parts of your sexuality that you are ashamed or frightened of is my specialty.

I love working with people of all genders, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. So get in touch, and we’ll see how we can make your desires, needs, and fantasies come true.

Since laws relevant to my work are different from country to country, my exact offerings differ as well. Please get in touch if you want to know more.
About me


I am highly trained and highly skilled in a range of different fields.

After completing a Prop. in Social Work, a BA in Journalism, a BA in Arabic Language and Culture, and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies (with honours) I stumbled upon the magnificent beauty of sex work. I spent several years working as an escort, working in brothels and am now running my own business.

I have trained with Barbara Carrellas (Urban Tantra Professional Training Program), and The School of Erotic Mysteries (Temple Whore, and Conscious Kink&Shadow Tantra Practitioner Trainings). I am now a teacher at that same school.

In November 2017 I won ‘Sex Worker of the Year’ at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London.

Tour Dates

Due to Covid-19, all my travels, in-person sessions and workshops are on hold. I do offer online embodiment coaching, please get in touch if that speaks to you.
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