Rosie Heart

Sex Worker of the Year 2017

Tantric Awakening – Conscious Kink – Erotic Explorations

London – Amsterdam – Berlin –  Sydney – Melbourne

Session Flavours

You know how it sometimes feels like your body is just there to carry your head around the world? How much time you spend thinking instead of feeling?

I can fix that.

Using a tailor made combination of tantra, kink, and ecstatic eroticism, I will bring you back into your body. I will hold you as you reconnect with your own delicious lushness. I will touch you, see you, feel you, and be with you as you reach those beautiful places of ecstacy and intimacy.


Tour Dates

I travel a lot, and love to work with clients in different locations.
These are my dates for the coming months:

April 23 // Talk: Self Discovery through Conscious Kink – Scarlet Ladies London
April 23-26 // Sessions in London
May 10-12 // Workshop: Conscious Kink Explorations – Utrecht
May 16-19 // Sessions in London
June 22 – July 6 // Nibana Festival (France)
August 3-8 // Quintasensual Festival (UK)
August 21-25 // Sexolution Festival (Austria)
August 30 – September 1 // Workshop: Conscious Kink for Women* – Utrecht
November 22-24 (2019) // Workshop: Sex and Service – Utrecht

What Clients Say

“Professional and heartfelt, spiritual and intuitive, Rosie Heart created an incredibly safe space that allowed our session go to deep places and allow real healing to take place. She really knows her stuff and works from a place of authenticity and genuine human connection.”
“I loved working with Rosie. She’s welcoming, warm and lovely to be around. You immediately feel comfortable when she’s there as she’s a natural in letting you know you’re seen and appreciated for who you are. Her approach of conscious sexuality and intimacy is flavored with a down to earth touch.”
“Meeting Rosie Heart, the overwhelming impression was of a beautiful open heart and a beautiful open mind.”
– Jak, Ireland
– Marije
– SJ, Manchester

Ready to begin your journey?